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Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club is a non-profit organisation however we support businesses which have given exemplary service to our Club

Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club

Reference and Links Page

This page has links to informative sites

Some are technical in nature; Other links lead to self help, directories and official Amateur Radio sites

Some are links to interesting club material or pages dedicated to past events

There are also Links to Commercial sites

- to companies who have assisted the Club


We would appreciate reports of any broken links so we can keep these links current.

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Australian Amateur Radio Reference Links


Wireless Institute of Australia - Our governing body for Amateur Radio within Australia.

The WIA is your first port of call on all official business, training and Licencing matters

Radio & Electronics School

This is a link to a great school if you want to upgrade an Amateur Radio Licence

ACMA - Australian Call Sign Searches

A page to look-up any Australian call sign. You can search using Callsign or Name. A very useful tool

Australian Communications and Media Authority

The official Government site and our controlling body. This is a link to the Radiocommunications area of their website

[It can be difficult navigating the ACMA site so we tend to rely on the WIA to bring important matters to our attention.]


Club & Club Member's Links

The club has a social media presence you can Like us on Facebook at Facebook#BundabergAmateurRadio Or you can follow the club on Twitter at

Club Resource Area - Link to Documents and Resources [including Workshop notes]

VK4ION Wireless internet Yagi - Building a Telstra Bigpond Next G Wireless internet 800mhz Yagi

VK4UD Wireless Internet page - a link to an article written by VK4UD

VK4JRO TVI Quarter Wave Stub Filter - Television Interference article created by Ross with solutions using 50 & 75 Ohm coax... just the thing when you're causing TV interference

VK4SR's article and photos on overcharging Gel Batteries Myths about gel batteries

Rusty McGrath - 2010 Senior Citizen of the Year - full story on the Award

The Deltahet Project by Arch Lewis (SK) is a story and photos of a 1964 project

Past Club Events

2016 AND 2017 Hi Altitude Balloon Launches... HABE

2017 We built a new storage shed!

2012 Buxton BBQ with Hervey Bay

2011 was a BIG year and the club celebrated it's 50th Anniversary over a weekend in October

We went to Buxton with Hervey Bay club in 2011. Buxton2011 has some photos of the day

The official opening of VK4RBW Mt Watalgan repeater 2010

Bundaberg & Hervey Bay enjoy a BBQ at Buxton in 2010 and Buxton in 2009

August 2010 BARC had an exhibit at the Lifestyle Expo

Workshop - making fox hunting antennas - 10 happy hams make Fox Hunt Yagi's

2010 our most senior member VK4APQ Keith Haverfield is SK



General Reference Links

EHAM.NET - This is a great site to learn just about anything.

Filled with forums and reviews of almost every piece of radio equipment made. It's free and simple to use so do yourself a favour and check out

Maker Pro - Welcome to the 21st century and this site will help you build Arduino kits, Raspberry Pi, Home automation and much more.

The content is completely user generated and might tempt you to make a robot or weather station!

AAC - All About Circuits

Check the EDUCATION Link, it will take a beginner on a great journey from Electricity, Semiconductors to Digital circuitry and there are even experiments that you can try, at varying degrees of difficulty.

The TOOLS link has some excellent resources too. You can view any chapters of interest online, however you will need sign-up to get full pdf volumes, but it's a free resource.

One annoying thing with the webpage is the over-the-top front page with inspirational quote!... just ignore and click the "Continue to Site" option; that aside, it is a worthwhile resource to have in your arsenal.

E E Power - Digital Publications

Featuring technical articles, design tips, and application notes from electronics engineers and application experts. This may be of interest to Amateurs who are heavily involved in radio electronics, power sources and test equipment.

SPACEWEATHER.COM - A site dedicated to what's happening in space

See sunspots on the sun...and when their effects will hit the earth. This is really fascinating stuff.

Hepburn Charts link: William Hepburn's Worldwide Tropospheric Ducting Forecasts

Want a great mapping tool try AZProject

This mapping tool allows you to build a world map with YOU at the centre... Gives you an eagle's eye view of where you are in relation to your overseas contacts... once you master the map building parameters

VK4VOX Zepp J-Pole VHF Antenna - This is the link for Aaron's .pdf document.

It's a how to build and why it works explanation of a simple antenna. You might like to give this one a try.

VK3UM Radiation Calculator - Need to know how far back you should be from an Antenna?

Doug's webpages provided calculation software to download so you can check these things. A handy tool for all outdoor activities, club events, JOTA etc.

Refresh your mind with the Amateur's Code

[it's American so feel free to substitute Australia and the WIA as you read along]

Australian Government IPS Radio & Space Services - Here is the actual monthly sunspot count since 2000.

You can see what all the fuss is about when we had a months like July 2008 with no sunspots.

DX ZONE - A Ham Radio Guide with thousands of radio related resources.

Building the G3TXQ Broadband Hex Beam - The new improved Broadband Hex Beam design.

Ham Info Bar - This is a site with software to download if you're using a computer to log calls etc.

It places an INFO BAR on your web browser. Take a look at the webpage and see if it suits you.

AC6V Antenna Projects - AC6V's Homebrew Antenna Links including Antenna Theory

Ham Universe - Baluns - Build an All Band HF Air Core 1:1 Choke Balun THE UGLY BALUN

Riverland A.R.C. - That's the Riverland AR Club in Onalaska, Wisconsin U.S.A.

Looking for some interesting projects and ideas... Check out their newsletters. A small ARRL Special Services Club, that works with the National Weather Service and their SkyWarn System, ARES/RACES. They also regularly marshal run/walks and bike-a-thons.


Commercial Links

VentraIP - Our web and domain hosting partners

Proudly Aussie owned and operated. They provide our club with great service and we highly recommend them.

ARCOM controllers USA - Maker of Repeater Controllers

The club purchased 3 RC210 Controllers and they're a great success, we're very excited about these units.

Visit their website and see their Repeater Controller solutions

Strictly Our Genuine Yaesu Products supplier

A commercial site offering genuine products with Australian warranties.
We have purchased several Yaesu products from Strictly Ham and we're very happy

R & L Electronics Best Buys from the USA

Quite a few members have purchased from them. Their prices are best by far and they ship quickly with fully insured US Postal Service.

Riedon in California

Need to locate hard to find electronic components like surge protected resistors and resistance temperature detectors? Try Riedon.

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