In September 2019 (58 years after the club formed) we proudly went live with our IRLP node.

If you're unfamiliar with this technology we recommend this Wikipedia link which outlines how Amateur Radio Operators call into their local node and can connect to other nodes worldwide.

Each node has a unique 4 digit number, and there are over 1,500 nodes worldwide.

Bundaberg Club IRLP Node information

IRLP equipment is on Mt Watalgan repeater VK4RBW

Located at Double Sloping Hummock - Mt Watalgan

Frequency is: 439.7750MHz UHF

Node Number is: 6248

Common DTMF Tones for Nodes

73 = Disconnect

*69 = Last Incoming outgoing call

101 = Time

102 = Date

These Clocks may assist you to make contacts at the right time

We asked Doctor Google and found a how-to video

The ham chats a bit for a minute or two but then he does a step by step call from the USA to Australia, so it's a very good resource.

Note - he uses the DTMF Tone 73 before he begins - to disconnect the local repeater before he starts... this is in case someone else before him, had left if on.

Check out Australian Craig VK3CRG when he was in San Francisco using the Oakland California WB6NDJ (IRLP Node 3115) to chat back to Australia using the Mount Martha Repeater in Melbourne.

It's an amazing thing.

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