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Photographs 2020 - Current Year

This page will be updated as further events take place during this decade.
We are building our photo archive into a photographic walk down memory lane and breaking them into PhotoArchive1 the early decades, then Photo Archive 2 covering the decade 2000 to 2009,
Photo Archive 3 with 2010 to 2019 and finally with Photo Archive 4 2020 to Present Day.

If you have any photographs of club activities which you would like the share, please contact the Webmaster.

What a decade the 20's will be

We barely felt effects of the Pandemic and managed to grow and prosper, and will continue to share our photos with you here.
So far this decade we've celebrated our Diamond Jubilee, that's 60 continuous years for our club. We've partnered with a school so students could talk to the International Space Station and still had time for Club Displays, BBQ's, lunches, workshops and WICEN activities.

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Special events are on dedicated web pages

Talking to the ISS we chronicled the journey on our ARISS page
We created an internet relay gateway with details at the IRLP Project

2020 Activities

We had a display at Jaycar, upgraded the tower on the mountain and toured the old 4BU site


Thee club formed in 1961 and in 2021 we celebrated our Golden Jubilee and became one of the oldest Amateur Radio Club in Australia

2021 Activities

Celebrated our 60th Birthday, talked to the International Space station and acquired a workshop

2022 Activties

WICEN goes to Ubobo, we camp for a couple of contests and try our hand at the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

2023 Activties

This is NEXT YEAR so no photos yet... unless we develop time travel in the meantime!

That's the end of our photographs 2020 to Current Year

If you're looking for other archive images:
Images 1961 to 1999 follow this link
Images 2000 to 2009 follow this link
Images 2010 to 2019 follow this link

Many thanks to club members who forward their images to us so we can continue to build the club history through photos.

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