Mt Goonaneman Storage Shed

Follow our portable shed project on top of a mountain

Is it a Shed Project.... or Historical re-enactment of the 1970's


That infamous TRACK.
It's only about 350m long but it's the uphill steep gradient that's torture.
When you're carrying a heavy load on a side-sloping path every muscle is working hard.

It's quite spooky that nothing has changed... still a tough slog and many small loads to get enough material to the top.


Everything unloaded... Right team - carry everything UP THAT HILL...

The shed must be removable so it was built in prefabricated sections which are bolted together on site.


First unload and get all the gear over the obstacle and onto the path... VK4APP and VK4ION went on ahead to clear the encroaching lantana with a machete, so our worker ants could begin the never ending trips up and back... up and back.

We asked for ideas but some people just can't be trusted...


Should we go Hobbit friendly?


Perhaps a pitched roof in case of snow.


We could have ended up like this if Stu hadn't taken the reins and sorted us out!

Mt Goonaneman 2017

Building the storage shed

A week later 4 members went back to continue work on the project.

Once the job was started, they couldn't leave until the structure was waterproof so it turned into a mammoth day with an hour's travel each way and 9 hours on site.