BARC on display in 2010

As part of Seniors Week in August 2010, the club created a display to inform the community about the club and the many different activities which interest our members.


Our aim was to inspire the retired (or those considering retirement) to take up the challenge of Amateur Radio by embarking on the Foundation course.

The Lifestyle Expo was held in the Parish hall adjacent to a Seniors Citizens display in the the Civic Centre.

The club display was a presentation of radio equipment through the ages from 1942, through 1960's and 80's up to the 21Century triband radio, analyzer etc.

The contrast in amateur radio gear of yesteryear and today was certainly evident when the equipment was lined up side by side.

The presentation of APRS on the screens showed the public the most up to date use of Amateur Radio and many marveled at the small size of the Tiny Track modem.

We look forward to hearing from those interested people who called in for a chat and collected our brochures and cards.

We're all set up and ready to go

expo4 expo13

Joscelyn VK4JJ is ready to welcome visitors and the laptop is running an APRS demo.

Lifestyle Expo


Equipment on display was provided by the following members;


  • Morse Key -Homebrew

  • Morse Key - From a Murmansk Arctic convoy ship (1941-1945)


  • Yaesu FT401 (circa 1960's)

  • ICOM IC-735 (circa late 1980's)

  • Under Bench Tuner

  • Aerials

  • 2M rig for APRS sound


  • No 19 HF/VHF Military Mobile Transceiver from 1942

  • Laptops and screen for APRS display


  • Computer and Screen for APRS display

  • Tiny track APRS Modem


  • Yaesu 857D Triband transceiver (in a Emcomm configuration - with power supply/tuner & meter)

  • Yaesu VX-7R Dual Band Handheld

  • Antenna analyzer

  • Dummy Loads (Homebrew)

  • Projects - Attenuator, Antennae etc


  • Flight simulator operating from his QTH - with APRS running - which provided "live" data to the Laptop in the Display


  • Thanks for being on hand to answer radio contacts