Yagi Antenna Workshop

Building foxhunting antenna


Yagi Workshop 2009

Foxhunting antenna

In preparation for FOX HUNTING the club held a workshop to build simple 2M antennas

The idea was simple, we wanted to re-establish fox hunting in the club but the newer members didn't have a clue about how to do it and some training was necessary.

We wanted to build a 3 element yagi beam resonant on 145.300Mhz (that's the 2M Australian Direction Finding Frequency ARDF), and it needed to be small and portable so VK4JM researched some simple designs and we held a Saturday workshop to build them.

Check our Fox Hunting page, to learn about how the club broadcasts a short Morse Code message... while the rest of us try to find it.

To be able to take a bearing of where the signal appears to be coming from... then jump in the car and head for another site, to take another bearing, you need a lightweight versatile antenna.
So this workshop was to build one... a light Yagi which folds into itself so it can be carried on a car seat in pursuit of the fox.

It's a fun activity, you should give it some thought.

This lot are ready to Fox Hunt

What are these goats all about?

Wise old Grandpa billygoat is just passing on his knowledge on these Club help pages.

The young 'kid' at the top? - He's rushing about, looking for answers - which we hope he'll find here.