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Foundation Manual


We train using the WIA Foundation Manual [4th Edition], this is your textbook and easy-learning entry into Amateur Radio.

Face to Face Training

A real trainer, in a dedicated training room.
A proven method to take beginners through to their Foundation Licence.

Train at your own pace

Train as often as you wish! You may choose an accelerated course or a more leisurely pace. It's quite OK to only train once every couple of weeks. This is meant to be a fun learning process... and the choice is always yours.

Qualified Trainers

Our lead trainer has Training & Assessment Cert.IV qualifications so you can be assured of well structured programs.
There is plenty of hands-on practical training to keep your interest level high.

Exam Preparation

You will learn the theory required to pass the examinations in well-paced sessions geared to each student's learning style. Exams maketh the Ham! We'll ensure you're ready before undertaking them.

Practical Hands On Tuition

Students will have sufficient training sessions to perfect their practical knowledge in setting up an Amateur Radio Station and operating On-Air. We utilize older manual equipment because turning knobs and dials gives the user an immersive experience.

Foundation Licensing


Begins with Study

Foundation Manual 4th Edition

Amateur Radio is a hobby which allows you to buy or build radios, and communicate locally or worldwide and the only stipulation is... you need a Licence.

Being a Ham is different to CB [Citizens Band] radio in that we don't use Channels, but instead we roam over millions of frequencies, using HF, VHF and UHF Bands. To become licenced you will need to study and pass a Theory Examination and undertake a Practical Assessment to prove you know how to use radio equipment correctly.

Why all the Rules? Because you can use millions of frequencies... and the last thing anyone needs is a radio operator causing interference to others... especially if those "others" are people like Ambos or Firies!! To be sure YOU know what you're doing you have to prove it. The licencing system is designed to ensure you're not a danger to others.

When you complete your exam and assessment you gain an Amateur Operator Certificate of Proficiency, [AOCP] which entitles you to get a licence to transmit.

Theory Exam 70% passmark required
Practical assessment 100% passmark required

Australian Licencing

What does it cost?

The Foundation Training Course with the Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club costs $60 and this fee covers up to 10 training sessions although most students complete the course in 5 or 6 sessions. You will also require a WIA Foundation Training Manual (your textbook) and this can be purchased from the club for $30.

Other expenses outside of our control include cost of examination and allocation of Callsign.
Both are overseen by the University of Tasmania - Aust. Marine College (AMC).
On exam day you pay the college for these services.

A note about Callsigns... in Qld our callsigns are all VK4 - - - and some additional letters. VK is for Australia. The 4 is for Queensland and YOU get choose the following 3 letters, which when put together becomes your unique callsign.
Another cost is the Licence Fee. You're gaining a Federal Government Licence and you renew this licence each year.
At mid 2023 costs are:-

AMC Exam Fee $94.50
AMC Callsign recommendation $37
ACMA Licence fee: First year $80 [renewal $55/yr]

The Course

What will I learn?

The subjects covered in the Foundation Course include;

  • Electricty & Ohms Law
  • Capacitors & Inductors
  • Transmitters & Receivers
  • Digital Modes in Amateur Radio
  • Antennas
  • Propagation of radio signals
  • Interference
  • Safety
  • On-Air Procedures

The foundation course is intended to be your entry level into the hobby and once you've mastered these subjects it's time to upgrade to a Standard or Advanced licence.
It will require more study which you can undertake at your own pace.

The Bundaberg club does not provide the Standard or Advanced classes, instead we direct amateurs to the Radio and Electronics School.
You can enroll with the RES and work with a facilitator to upgrade your licence.


Amateur Radio aocp

Foundation Train with BARC $60

  • 10 Watt power on FM & SSB
  • Permitted bands: 80m, 40m, 15m, 10m, 2m & 70cm
  • All digital modes permitted
  • Able to build transmitting equipment
  • Face to face training at your pace
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Standard Enrol with RES

  • Increased Power
  • Increased Permitted Bands - more frequencies
  • Study online from home
  • Multi-media course
  • 30 PC based video tutorials
  • Theory & Regulations drills & self-tests
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Advanced Enrol with RES

  • Maximum permitted power
  • 2 Letter Callsigns
  • All Bands / All Modes
  • Study from home - reading & essay assignments
  • Personal Facilitator guides your study
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BARC Training gets results


Just wanted to thank you for the training provided over these past couple of weeks.
It filled in an awful lot of holes on the amateur side of things and refreshed my memory on a lot of things. The pace was very good and the real world experiences you provided were great.


Working fulltime I committed to two full weekends of training in a class of four.
It was full on but really worthwhile and with just a bit of home revision I passed the exam and practical easily.
Highly recommend the course with Bundy club.


Living in Gayndah I only got over to Bundaberg once a month some training. It worked out well as I didn't feel rushed.
Taking my time this way I felt I learned a lot more than just repeating the textbook. Many thanks to the trainer too.

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