BARC & Hervey Bay BBQs


This may look like a cuddle-fest but it's actually a great picture remembering past presidents of our clubs. That's Rusty VK4JM on the right, and the Hervey Bay President Wade VK4WM, pictured in 2009.
Behind them are Gay, Joslyn, Graham & Bill.
We fought each year over a tiny little trophy and took great delight in stealing it from each other as we competed in on-air contests trying to outscore the other club.
We've had some great get-togethers over the years and we didn't want to lose the memories so here are some photos of years gone by.

Buxton 2009

The park at Buxtonville
Low tide, it's a beautiful spot
The park at Buxtonville
XYL's lazing in the sun
Kev & Josclyn start the barbies
Graham & Kev strike a pose

Buxton 2010

It was 2010 and once again we met at the river about halfway between our two towns only to find the Burglars of the Bay, stole the trophy!


The rivalry between our two clubs was fostered by two great Club Presidents, Rusty VK4JM and Wade VK4WM.
Up for grabs was the Pat Dryden Memorial Trophy and boy we competed hard for that piece of wood and plastic.
The competition centres around the public contest called the Harry Angel sprint which is a 106 minute long Amateur Radio contest (106 minutes to honour the 106 years of Harry's life).
The trophy goes to the club with the highest score (multiplied by their member participation percentage). There's a long mathematical formula to divine the winner, and it's definitely accompanied by cheating!

2010 wasn't our year and Rusty sadly accepts the "Losers Trophy" this year
Loser gets the Try-Arder Cup

To offset some of the misery, posters where scattered about the park... decrying how we were robbed and lamenting the difference in how President's think.

You can just feel the love from our club and the avarice from that coastal mob
The biggest burglar from the bay, Wade VK4WM
President Rusty VK4JM generously passes the Pat Dryden Trophy to HBARC President Wade VK4WM

Could they have made the "Losers Cup" any smaller?

Rusty proudly holds aloft the Try Arder

Friends just sat and chatted


BBQ 2011 We get the last laugh

Remember the Try-Arder cup for 2nd place... there was a surprise twist.
The event is a metaphor for cheating, dirty tricks and dastardly deeds and this year proved no exception.
We had to eat humble pie after losing to the Bay [again] this year but we held our heads high and saw the Pat Dryden Trophy delivered into the hands of the winning team.
And that 'Losers cup' the tiny little gold Try-Arder Cup....

Rusty's concession speech told the story of a little unwanted 2nd-place trophy finding a home in Bundy, being nurtured by our club, growing and blossoming into a beautiful and bejewelled Princess...

And Rusty proudly took the Princess back to Bundy

An ugly little duckling had morphed into a bejewelled behemoth.


Rusty and Wade were great Presidents who brought the two clubs closer together through fun and friendship.

Wade accepted the winners trophy on behalf of the Hervey Bay club.

Rusty & Wade 2011
Hervey Bay members checking out Wade's equipment.

Buxton 2012

July saw Bundaberg and Hervey Bay Amateur Radio clubs hold an annual BBQ at Buxton to celebrate the On-Air contest earlier in the year.
Once the results are official from the Harry Angel Sprint, a big day out is planned...
The trophies are polished and speeches prepared as the two president's face off to hear the result.
Spoilers... We WON!

Wade... You must let go... give the trophy to Rusty

We're just a happy group of Hams who enjoy a BBQ with Trophies... and we'll do it all again next year.

Did we mention WE WON... and Wade had to hand over the Pat Dryden trophy to us.
The Man in Green seems speechless as he accepts SECOND place

The Council provdes BBQs at Buxton and they're clean and efficient, it's a great way to get members together and chatting.

bbq12 bbq13
bbq5 bbq4
Keith and Judy

Friends just sat and chatted

VK4UO sampling some ginger beer with VK4CAB
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