2010 to Present Day

Last updated June 2018

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We built a shed and launched another helium balloon

Our shed project on Mt Goonaneman has its own webpage - to follow the funny story, follow this SHED link



We went into outer space & preserved our past

Our Balloon projects have their own webpage - to see more photos follow this HABE link



WICEN goes Bush. We attend Yesteryear Rally & launch new gear on Mt Goonaneman

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2014 A busy year of Disaster Displays & Workshops

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2013 Workshops & Lighhouses

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2012 WICEN Exercises, new equipment & fun outings



2011 we had floods, built WICEN cases, worked hard and had some fun

It was our 50th Anniversary year!


There was a special celebration held for our Golden Jubilee and the photos from the event are on a separate page

To view the photos from the 2011 50th Anniversary use this link.


Other photos from 2011 continue below

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The year began badly. Between Christmas & new year 2010 the Burnett River caused flooding to parts of Bundaberg and effectively cut the town in two. The emergency showed that we needed to re-thing our plans for our portable station cases.

We could no longer buy fabric cases or cheap alternatives. We needed something more substantial to withstand being transported or carried in a floodboat whilst being 'spritzed' with rain.

This is what we ended up with....




We began a new decade, built a new repeater site & honoured a long serving member

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