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This page is under continually under construction as more photographs are found of past club activities (Last updated: December 2010)

We are hoping to build these pages into a photographic walk down memory lane.

The archive photos were becoming such a large file we have broken them up into three sections - first is the 1961 to 1999 era.... then 2000 to 2009 and the final section is 2010 onwards.

If you have any photographs of club activities which you think should see the light of day, please contact the Webmaster and we'll see about uploading them.

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2003 WICEN was in full swing


Training officer - Rusty McGrath VK4JM
From L to R. Ken Downey, Robyn Zimmerlie, Bob Wright VK4UD, Ron Brumley VK4FC, Ross Orpin VK4JRO and others.

For more on the story of Bundaberg WICEN check the WICEN webpages


2005 and there was an Antenna workshop


workshop1 workshop2
Dennis VK4SX, Rusty VK4JM, Don VK4NK............ (LtoR) VK4NK,VK4CAB,VK4JRO,VK4JM,VK4SZ,???,VK4UD

The project was the copper dual band antenna and club members had a fun day in the workshop


2007 A BBQ @ Woodgate, a car rally & Mountain trip


Keith VK4APQ having the last word

07(1) Woodgate BBQ with Hervey Bay members
07(2)What we do best, stand around & chat
07(3)The BBQ has become an annual event with BARC/HBARC members 07(4)
07(7)Ross VK4JRO & family

There was scoring a plenty, and cheating as well. Somebody from the McGrath clan won a fortune [well probably $9 or so] but everyone had a grand day out.

07(8)The award ceremony
07(6)Keith VK4APQ & Gaynor VK4FGAY
roof A working bee to paint the shack roof
shack All looks neat and trim
viewIt's still a great view from up there
wbee1The area is cleared for another year
wbee2And now it's time for a cuppa batteryVK4FKEV & VK4JM carried a new battery up the mountain trail  
wicen1WICEN training was a regular event
wicen2Theory and message handling at the SES clubroom
wicen3There was a field exercise at Avondale
wicen6Map reading work
wicen7 wicen8  
wicen10Followed by some field work
wicen12WICEN coordinator VK4JM sets VK4JJ, VK4FKEV & VK4FHAM on the right track
wicen13 wicen14And we rounded out the day with a Barbie  
xmas1 Next thing we knew it was xmas 2007. VK4HER, VK4CAB & VK4JJ
xmas2 Caroline, VK4JRO, VK4JJ & VK4JM
xmas3VK4KDS, Judy & VK4JM
xmas5 VK4ION, Linda, VK4FKEV forming a conga line?
xmas4VK4UD, VK4XZ, Robyn & VK4JM xmas6VK4KPB, Betty & VK4CAB  


2008 - a big year, workshops, working bees & dinners

agm08Guest speaker Wayne Honor at the AGM
workshop1An Antenna Analyzer workshop
workshop3VK4JM watches on as Dan VK4MAX tries the MFJ Analyzer
workshop4Then there was a BALUN workshop workshop6
workshop6 Making 4:1 & 1:1 BALUN's from ferrite cores
bbq1 Three Hams, VK4WM VK4JJ VK4JM between them 125years licenced
bbq2Annual BBQ @ Buxton with Hervey Bay Club
bbq4 Not all Members arrived by land!
bbq3Bob VK4UD was very excited bbq5Chit chat was clearly the order of the day
illw1August rolled around an it was time to visit Burnett Heads
illw2We connect antennae to the Historical Lighthouse
illw3set up a station under a tarp
And played radio in the International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend
The pump-up mast held one end of the dipole
illw6A dipole ran from the mast back to the lighthouse
wbee1It was time to head to Mt Goonaneman for a working bee
wbee2 While Kev VK4FKEV took care of the grounds maintenance
wbee3The tower crew received their instructions
wbee4Climb the 30 metre tower
All the way to the top and remove a damaged vertical antenna
wbee7Lightning had damaged the vertical
wbee8 Lightning caused this damage
radar1Rockhampton club came for a visit
radar3Then it was on to a long luncheon
Lunch with the RADAR mob at the RSL club
radar6 We got everyone back to the station
radar7A last group shot before we put them on the....
dinner1A mid year dinner "xmas in June"
dinner2 dinner3
xmas1 The next thing we knew it was Xmas again
xmas2So off to another dinner
xmas5Some took the games very seriously xmas4And that was the end of 2008


The club wrestles a trophy away from Hervey Bay, resurrects fox hunting
and plans a course of equipment upgrades

Presidents Wade VK4WM & Rusty VK4JM each with a death grip on the Pat Dryden Trophy

vk4sxThe members recognised a great supporter Dennis VK4SX received Honorary Life Membership
bbq1There was the annual BBQ with Hervey Bay club

bbq2At tranquil Buxton

bbq3VK4FKEV & VK4JJ cooking and chatting
bbq4Some rode in for the day dinner1
We went to dinner again for xmas in June
dinner2 This time at the Isis club in Childers
workshop2 Workshop to build a Fox Hunting Yagi
workshop4Dennis VK4SX working on collapsible Yagi
workshp3Dan VK4MAX intent on his work
workshop5Joe VK4FDJB has one almost complete workshop1The crew with finished Yagi's  
foxhuntIt's time to go Fox Hunting
fox3VK4ION Mobile set up drew some strange looks
vk4udVK4UD Wins the May Fox Hunt dnajoeDan VK4MAX & Joe VK4FDJB win one as well  
fox1They did it AGAIN winning in July fox2We all celebrate with chockie bickies  
illw5Burnett Heads Historical Lighthouse
What has a fishing rod to do with a lighthouse contest?
It's the Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend and the club used the community centre to attach an end fed long wire and a vertical
illw3VK4JRO, VK4MAX & VK4FDJB make contacts in the ILLW2009 wbee1Tower climbing crew, Jim & Garry on Mt Goonaneman  
wbee2New RFI Col18 antenna to be installed along with new guy wires
wbee3 Garry heads to the top
wbee5New vertical antenna installed for 2M repeater VK4RBU
wbee10Meanwhile inside the shack safety compliance issues were addressed
Renewing the First Aid kit & fire extinguisher
New labeling of safety outlet & safety posters
vk4jro_vk4brgVice President Ross VK4JRO presents membership certificate to Ron VK4BRG
vk4fdjb_vk4apqNewest member Joe VK4FDJB meets our most senior member Keith VK4APQ
equip6New ICOM FR3000 VHF repeater arrived
equip3President Rusty VK4JM displays out latest purchase. A new repeater for VK4RBG
equip4Who can resist unwrapping new radio equipment equip1Ross VK4JRO demonstrates the ICOM's features  
equip2And unveils the new ARCOM RC210 controller
equip5A site visit to Mt Watalgan intended site of a new UHF repeater for the club's WICEN network
radar1RADAR (Rocky) club came to visit again
radar2After a quick morning tea
radar3We toured the Bert Hinkler aviation museum radar4  
radar5Then off to the RSL club for lunch
Gifts of great value were exchanged
radar7We heard the RADAR folks were big drinkers so we stocked up
radar8We got them safely to the train and waved goodbye until next time
xmas1Then it was xmas again - another year passed xmas2We met for a final 2009 dinner  


That's the end of the 2000 to 2009 era

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Sincere thanks go to Gaynor VK4FGAY, Keith VK4APQ [SK] and Joscelyn McGrath VK4JJ,
for digging out many of these old photos so we can present them as part of the club's pictorial history
**Not all names are on the reverse of the photo's - so apologies for any names that are missing


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