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From club formation in 1961 to 1999


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This page is under continually under construction as more photographs are found of past club activities (Last updated: August 2011)

We are hoping to build these pages into a photographic walk down memory lane.

If you have any photographs of club activities which you think should see the light of day, please contact the Webmaster and we'll see about uploading them.

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1960's - We found a few shots from around 1967 & 68

If you have any photos from the really early years, please consider sharing them here

These are the oldest photos we have in our collection circa 1967

The ?1967 RadioActive BCC entry in the Raft Race kindly notated by
George McLucas VK4AMG who took the photo

This is a group of Deptarment of Civil Aviation trainees - except for John Perryn and Danny’s mate.
Danny was actually employed by OTC but still trained with DCA.
The group was probably attending an amateur radio convention being held at Alexandra Headlands.
This was either 1967 or 1968 - and obviously not wintertime.
They carried a Pye Mk III up Mt Tibrogargan,
Peter Crewdson, being the smallest, carried the battery. No contacts were made.

George McLucas (now VK4AMG not pictured as he took the photo of,
Mike Willet VK4ZMW, Peter Crewdsen VK4ZPC, Ron Chernich VK4ZRC
Bob Stroud VK4ZSB, a friend of ZDD from ?Gympie, Danny Dwyer VK4ZDD
John Perryn VK4ZJP & Graham Bell VK4ZGB

We wonder where they all are now?


Here are some photos of the 1968 annual dinner - Upstairs in the Grand Hotel (photo's were found by Bob & Jenny Elkin)

dinner1 Geoff VK4GI, Bob VK4ZZE [AZE]
dinner2 Peter Fry, Betty Fry, Ian Fry, Ray Evans, Bob VK4UD & Frank Wright
dinner3Rusty, Joscelyn, Edna & Archie Williamson, Clem VK4FD & Tina dinner4
Lee VK4FX & xyl, Jim Yarrum, Dave McGrory, Merv McCrane & xyl
It seems we went to the Raft Races
conventionAnd we went to the Convention together


1976 - 1978 we were building the Mt Goonaneman repeater site


Memorable shot of the team building the repeater shack on Mt Goonaneman

build2Brickies hard at work
Taking a well earned rest
build4Bucket brigade to pour the concrete roof
build7Assembled team ready to trek up the mountain
build9Unknown labourer hauling two heavy buckets build10
equip equip2 Repeater built by George McLucas VK4AGM
equip6 equip4Cavities built by Graham Lucke & Geoff Bonney
equip7We think this is a Bonney Lad? equip9Repeater & cavities ready to install
tower Bob Elkin & Graham Lucke
tower1 Installing aerials on the tower
tower4Bob Elkin & Graham Lucke tvtowerErection of the TV tower on the mountain was a big deal
VK4GRGraham Crozier VK4GR District Radio Inspector who gave the club so much assistance in time and testing equipment hayleyThe kids are Hayley Beimers and Shane Elkin



The Official Opening Mt Goonaneman Repeater site

Following are photos of the construction project and the official opening.
The crowd shots show a vibrant club and talented group of 'fathers and sons' who got in and built the shack and the tower.
Very few names are on the reverse of the photo's so once again if we have missed someone we apologise.
The Official opening was performed by Mr P C Millar MHR Wide Bay on 29th October 1978


P.C. Millar & Danny Morrish

opening2 opening3Mr P.C. 'Clarry' Millar MHR Wide Bay unveils the plaque
opening4 opening
opening5 opening7A large crowd made the trip up the mountain for the opening ceremony
opening8 opening9
opening14 VK4JHCB, VK4ZEH
opening11 Mr Millar & secretary Barbara
opening12VK4ZEH, VK4ZPR & VK4GR
opening12Convey of vehicles waiting to go up opening10


Some undated photos which seem to fit in here


Graham VK4SR,Danny VK4ADM, Karl VK4AKT following some successful training

group2VK4GI, Reg Fry, VK4UD, Roy Spotswood, VK4JM & Steve Spotswood
karlKarl VK4AKT


trainingGraham Scott training a student
fox1 Keen foxhunters on Mt Goonaneman
roy_regRoy Spotswood & Ray Fry
wadeWade Millwood VK4WM (ex VK4ACB) mcgrathA young Peter McGrath


1988 and a social gathering at the McGrath's @ Elliott Heads

1988(1)Gaynor, Allan, Peter, Graham, Joscelyn & Henry (at back)
1988(2) Clem, Lee, Eric, Adrien, Liz, Graham, Peter, John & Karl


1991 Just one photo so far


This is a photo of Clem (wearing a magnifying eyeglass) which appeared in the local newspaper in August 1991. He was retiring from his watchmaking business after 33 years.

The article told a story of Clem as a young Dutchman, learning his trade whilst working as slave labour in a German watch factory during WWII and his emigrating to Australia in 1958.

During his years in Bundaberg he served the club as Treasurer, President, Vice President and Secretary.

Clem's Callsign was  VK4FD




1994 BARC Display at a hobby & craft expo in the Civic Centre


Col Hayes VK4FUV on Morse Key

94(2) Anske VK4CAB on the CCTV
Mix of Homebrew & commercial gear
Michael Clark VK4ACM (sk) demonstrates
Packet Radio & Sat. Tracking
94(5)Joscelyn VK4JJ & Keith VK4KDS centre
94(6)Wall display of QSL Cards


1998 - November - A working bee on Mt Goonaneman


Rusty VK4JM and Keith VK4APQ (SK), the honoured old-guard of the club.

While others certainly helped to build the club, many have moved on. These two men remained our staunch supporters in every way

98(1) Ian, Henry's Brother & sister-in-law, Hoscelyn, Ross, Marika, Henry, Rusty, Keith
98(2) On roof - Julie, Ian, Rusty, Keith others too numerous to mention in attendance
98(4)Rusty, Ian, Julie on roof of repeater shack
98(5)Marika & Joscelyn (seated) Henry's brother/sister-in-law (standing) Skye in foreground
98(6)Keith VK4APQ (SK) & Ross VK4JRO


That's the end of our photographs 1961-1999

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SSincere thanks go to Gaynor VK4FGAY, Keith VK4APQ [SK], Bob Elkin [ex VK4AZE] and Joscelyn McGrath VK4JJ,
for digging out many of the old photographs so we can present them as part of the club's pictorial history
**Not all names are on the reverse of the photo's - so apologies for any names that are missing


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