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Important Policy documents, Workshops notes and Club Projects
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The club has lost a member and a great friend.

Ron Graham VK4BRG S.K.


The eulogy which was delivered at the funeral service can be found here.


February 2015 WORKSHOP - come and build this.......

Flower Pot Dual Band Antenna

Uploaded July 2014.

This document contains instructions and images to help members build the Flower Pot Antenna.

It's a simple 2M VHF/70cm UHF dual bander built with minimal supplies - it only requires 1 metre of conduit and 2 metres of coax!

Flower Pot Dual Band Antenna

We will build this as a group project at the first Workshop for 2015 so members are encouraged to take a look at the notes

Have a chat on Technet and let us know what you think.



CW Practice Oscillator

CW Oscillator

When Morse Code was mandatory students built oscillators so they could hear how they were "Sending" before going live on air.

We've had a Morse class running and we've built four of these to use at the Club's JOTA event as the scouts love to play Morse!

This document prepared by VK4ION
uploaded Nov2014



LDR / LED Circuit

LDR Circuit

This document prepared by VK4ION may assist in building the LDR [Light Dependent Resistor] /LED circuit using components given to the group at the last workshop.

There were several matters that required correction so these steps may help anyone else who had problems building this one at home.



Amplifier Project - From Schematic to Vero Board

Uploaded August 2014

This is a document prepared by Peter VK4FPDG and contains instructions and images to help members build a simple bench amplifier.

Amplifier from Schematic to Veroboard



Basic Electronics Course Part 1

Uploaded June 2014.

This document contains step by step instructions to complete a series of simple electronics exercises using LED, Diode, Resistor, Piezo Buzzer & 9V Battery.

Basic Electronics Course Part I

The notes were compiled from Workshop Notes during club workshop sessions.

Thanks to Ron VK4BRG & David VK4HAX for the original material.



Basic Electronics Course Part 2

Uploaded August 2014.

This document follows Part 1 and contains instructions to complete the next series of electronics exercises using a Variable Resistor, Transistor & introduces Capacitors.

Basic Electronics Course Part 2

Also introduces a simple circuit diagram and shows how to work from a schematic diagram onto a breadboard.

The document was compiled from Workshop Notes during club workshop sessions.


Basic Electronics Course Part 3

Uploaded September 2014.

This document is the final in the Basic Electronics Course.

Basic Electronics Course Part 3

Completes a series of electronics exercises using a voltage regulator & crystal oscillator. Circuit diagrams and images of final breadboard circuits are included to assist with each Demo.

Note: To test these circuits additional equipment is required - so read the documents first so you understand how to test them.


Capacitor Conversion Chart

Uploaded August 13 2014

This document, compiled by Ron VK4BRG gives a quick overview of frequently used Capacitors, their value and EIA Code

Capacitor Conversion Chart



Some handy links for those members who wish to take the workshop classes further...

For the Beginner you will learn a lot from
The tutorials will lead you from identifying components to leaping from schematic to paper design and on to veroboard.

How about a site with extra projects to try? Check out talking - projects has 100's of transistor circuits, ranging from simple to complex, as well as useful technical information.
There are 2 books on the site that members can access or download to peruse at their leisure.


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