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This page is under continually under construction as more photographs are found of past club activities (Last updated: July 2011)

We are hoping to build these pages into a photographic walk down memory lane.

The archive photos were becoming such a large file we have broken them up into three sections - first is the 1961 to 1999 era.... then 2000 to 2009 and the final section is 2010 onwards.

If you have any photographs of club activities which you think should see the light of day, please contact the Webmaster and we'll see about uploading them.

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2010 We begin a new decade, build a new repeater site

and celebrate our President John (Rusty) McGrath VK4JM being recognised by
the Bundaberg Regional Council as 2010 Senior Citizen of the year


vk4jm1 vk4jm2

And sadly we lost our most senior member and long time supporter Keith Haverfield VK4APQ


VK4APQ Keith Haverfield SK
Keith was a past President and the man who conceived and oversaw the Mt Goonaneman tower project in the 80's.
He will be greatly missed


meeting3 meeting4We remembered the past with a display of a 1964 Deltahet project by former member Arch Lewis VK4IL (SK)
meeting1On hearing the news that we'd lost the HBARC-BARC interclub challenge a quick thinking member found some tissue
meeting2And we all had a good cry
bbq1It was true... the Hervey Bay Club burglars had stolen the trophy!
bbq2President's agree the Trophy goes back to HBARC. A gracious VK4JM passes the Pat Dryden Trophy to Wade VK4WM
bbq3But look what we WON ! bbq4
vk4rbw14Mt Watalgan site of new repeater VK4RBW
vk4rbw13VK4RBW ICOM Repeater, ARCOM controller & Duplexer
vk4rbw17Plaque acknowledging significant funding for the project by Bundaberg Regional Council
vk4rbw3There were a couple of short speeches
vk4rbw16President Rusty McGrath VK4JM gave the opening address
30 members and guests made the journey up to the mountain for the event
vk4rbw17 The Mayor Cr. Lorraine Pyefinch was the guest of honour
vk4rbw4Rusty VK4JM with Mayor Lorraine Pyefinch as she switches on VK4RBW
vk4rbw8With the words "VK4RBW is now on the air" Lorraine Pyefinch officially opened the newest club repeater
vk4rbw6Presentation of a gift to the Mayor to mark the occasion vk4rbw5
vk4rbw9An afternoon tea on top of the mountain
vk4rbw15 We even managed "posh" cups and saucers
vk4rbw11Linda Sullivan (WICEN T-shirt) & Joscelyn VK4JJ provided the afternoon tea service
vk4rbw7Club members mingled with dignitaries and explained the club's activities
vk4rbw12 vk4rbw19View from the top of Mt Watalgan
vk4rbw22New WICEN T-Shirts were on parade VK4NK & VK4MAX
vk4rbw20The Mayoral Gift
expo4August saw the Lifestyle EXPO as part of Seniors Week
Laptops display club photos and webpages
expo12WICEN suitcase station, No19 Military Mobile unit & FT401
expo12FT401, IC735 & Kenwood Antenna Tuner
expo10Display material including Brochures and Foundation Training manuals
expo8 Coax samples, Morse Keys (from Murmansk Arctic convoy ship and home made project)
expo6QSL Card display, selection of photos of club activities and Yaesu 857D (in WICEN portable configuration - with power supply, tuner, transceiver and meter)
expo9Dummy load projects and MFJ Antenna Analyzer expo7Photos and two club antenna projects. Copper dual band and 2M fox hunt yagi
expo1Rusty VK4JM talks to interested visitor
expo2VK4UD Bob takes visitors on a tour of the display
Joscelyn VK4JJ greets visitors to the display
expo15VK4UD keeps an APRS display running on laptop and display screen. VK4BRG kept his flight simulator "in the air" so we had live tracking data to show the public
wbee1 wbee2
wbee3Mt Goonaneman working Bee in September wbee4Installing smooth panels to prevent climbing
wbee5 wbee6
wbee7 wbee8
wbee11Installing extra security to windows wbee14
wbee16New RCD protected power points wbee18Gardening
wbee19Chipping nasty weeds wbee20
wbee21 wbee23The TV Broadcast tower on Mt Goonaneman
wbee25 wbee24Bringing home a four section tower
wbee28 jota1October and it was time to go to JOTA 2010
Each year members set up equipment at Wyper Park and play host to Scouts and Guides
The highlight this year was talking to a group of Scouts camping in Sherwood Forest
xmas2010_1And once again it was Xmas. 2010 @ the Railway Hotel xmas2Decorations and ...
xmas3Club logo prizes xmas4There was Trivia - which was won by Judy De Serio
xmas5And more gifts (Anne Fresta, Judy De Serio & Linda Sullivan (standing) xmas6VK4UD makes sure VK4EMU has his head screwed on !!
In Dec2010 we installed an APRS Digipeater on Mt Watalgan VK4RBW-3 to add to our existing unit in Mt Goonaneman VK4RBU-3
aprs2Then we installed an APRS i-Gate on VK4BW as the clubrooms
aprs3Success - VK4BW successfully routing APRS information to the internet
aprs4and it's beaconing from the correct location

aprs5The APRS set up at VK4BW clubroom


openday3In December we held a WICEN Open Day
openday8With 21 attendees they formed 3 teams
openday9The new Yaesu FT-857D portable stations
openday5VK4JRO tunes in a unit
openday6Visitors from Bundy & Hervey Bay look on
openday7VK4DAD, VK4FKEV & VK4BRG work on another unit
It was time to go outside and erect the E.N.V.I.S. 40M Dipole
openday11Teams followed simple training sheets
openday4The Dipole is complete
openday1A last minute run through on RF safety and the day was complete

All visitors to the open day received a mug courtesy of Yaesu [Vertex Standard]


2011 we begin the year with floods but will finish on a high note

It's our 50th anniversary year!


and to celebrate we're planning a reunion luncheon in October... but more on that event later

Between Christmas & new year 2010 the Burnett River rose causing flooding to parts of Bundaberg and effectively cut the town in two. The involvement with SES showed us that our plans for portable station enclosures had to be re-thought. We could no longer go with the plan for fabric cases or cheap alternatives. We needed something more substantial to withstand being handled and carried in a floodboat whilst being 'spritzed' with torrential rain and boat spray.

Mark Sandford (husband of VK4ION) agreed to undertake the task and he set up a production line in the workshop.


11enc01Cutting all the timber and carefully numbering the matching pieces 11enc02Using jigs to keep the pine as straight as possible while it was drilled and screwed

11enc03Deep bottom, narrow top - the two boxes fit together in a neat plan

11enc04Sanding so the pine would looks its best with a clear waterproof coating
11enc05Applying coats of maine varnish 11enc06The portable station is fixed permanently to a removable shelf
11enc07Portable station on the removable shelf can be used in the box or taken out 11enc08What's underneath the shelf? Everything an emergency radio communications operator needs to set up a portable station

11enc09The three finished portable stations in robust, weatherproof cases

11enc10The effort that went into the construction means we can take our new portable stations into the field, be it flood, fire or cyclone, we'll be ready. Thanks Mark!


11wbee01May 2011 time for another working bee on Mt Goonaneman.
With the extraordinary wet season the undergrowth had encroached onto our site and was covering our guy supports. It was hard work clearing the boundary

11wbee02Gil Forgan was a guest on the mountain and he fitted a new log to tidy up a retaining wall

11wbee04Councillor Lynne Forgan was a guest of the club but she certainly worked hard on the day... she deserved to have her coffee break up on the roof surveying the magnificent valley below

11wbee04 Linda Sullivan core fills the besser blocks in the top retaining wall. It was mothers day but these two mothers were certainly working hard for the club.

Cleared boundary and treated pine log installed

11wbee12 Everything is neat and tidy and will be fine for a few months

11bbq1July 2011 BBQ at Buxton with Hervey Bay club

11bbq3 Bob VK4UD, Rusty VK4JM, Mark, Steve VK4KUS & Bill VK4XZ enjoying the sunshine

Enjoying a cuppa

11bbq6 President of Hervey Bay, Wade VK4WM caught lurking near OUR banner... could this mean he wants to join our club?

11bbq8Hervey bay members (not the ginger one - that's Lorraine's pooch)

11bbq9 Sausages were the order of the day it seems, Steve, Mark and Ross chat while stirring the BBQ

More Sausages

11bbq11 Hervey Bay Secretary, Norm Vk4NP, Bob VK4UD and Wade VK4WM

11bbq15It was time to present the Pat Dryden trophy to Hervey Bay in recognition of their win in the Harry Angel Sprint interclub challenge. Rusty was gracious in defeat, Wade was cocky!

11bbq17 Wade demonstrates the secret weapon used to secure their win... some new fangled thing called a Morse Key... it'll never catch on!

Rusty appears eager to accept the trophy for second place.

11bbq20And yes, it's the revamped Try-Arder cup

11bbq21Rusty recounts how after only a year of being nurtured by the Bundy club...the little cup has grown, blossomed and become our bejewelled Princess

The Try-Arder cup trophy as it is in 2011... what will the future bring?



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2010 Onwards

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